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Repair or Replace Your Old Toilet

Has your toilet stopped working? Is it running constantly or leaking? Get a quote from Dispatch Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to repair your toilet. If it’s time for a new toilet, let us remove the old one and supply you with a new one. We have experienced technicians ready to help quickly and painlessly replace your old toilet.

Toilet Replacement in Langley, BC

Upgrade Your Toilet With the Gerber Avalanche

Dispatch’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning favorite toilet is the Gerber Avalanche. It comes with a soft-close seat, comfort height, elongated design, and concealed P-trap. You get the best bang for your buck with this one-piece option. One-piece toilets don’t have a gasket and bolts between the tank and bowl, so there’s less chance of leaks or failure. This option is also better for people who lean on the tank due to health problems, advanced age, or a larger build. The concealed P-trap is easier to clean, and the comfort height is easier to get down and up if you have weakness in your legs or a larger physique. You never worry about the toilet seat slamming again with a soft-close toilet seat. We can give you a quote on our services and install this toilet today, or you can pick it up and install it yourself.

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