Why Navien is the Best

Navien Tankless Water Heaters in British Columbia

Tankless Water Heaters Are up to 99% Efficient

We don’t just love Navien because they are the most efficient, look the nicest, and are the most reliable. We also love them because of the training, back-end support locally and nationally, and the parts kits to minimize downtime. Check out some more information on why we ONLY install Navien brand on-demand tankless water heaters, combi boilers, and boilers.  There are currently Fortis Rebates up to $1000 for upgrading to tankless.

Why Navien is the Best

The Navien design gives the highest output of GPM (gallons of hot water per minute) compared to all other brands. And with a 95% ++ efficiency rating you will save money on your monthly utility bills.

Navien has stainless steel heat exchangers which are rated for commercial use. They also are the only manufacturer that has a built-in recirculation pump and buffer tank. Advanced “A” model Tankless On Demand Water Heater has a built-in buffer tank and recirculation pump therefore you don’t need to wait as long for hot water and you don’t get a cold water sandwich


Our technicians have completed extensive training directly from the manufacturer so that we can provide you with the most knowledgeable service, whether we are installing, maintaining, or troubleshooting your Navien appliances. To become a Navien Service Specialist our team needs to complete annual training to stay up to date and knowledgeable on all things Navien. We have been to the American Training center in Irvine California and the Canadian Headquarters in Toronto where they have all the Navien Models fully operational! They also have local and virtual training available. All Dispatch Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning technicians who are sent to your home will be Level 3 NSS Certified.

Reasons to Get a Navien Tankless Water Heater

  • lowers your carbon footprint
  • reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • lowers fossil fuel consumption
  • up to 99% efficient
  • lowers monthly bills
  • endless hot water
  • hot water at a kitchen sink or ensuite immediately saves water with build-in recirculation which provides hot water at certain locations immediately
  • wash your car with warm water
  • fill up your kid’s pool with warm water
  • wash your dog with warm water

Do you wait too long for hot water in your kitchen or bathroom?

Install a tankless water heater and add a recirculation kit to have hot water wherever you need it immediately. This also saves on your water bill and you won’t be waiting at your kitchen sink with chicken on your hands for the water to get warm before you can wash them. This is also more sanitary than washing with cold water rather than waiting for the water to get warm.


Recirculation minimizes the wait for hot water. If you have a dedicated recirculation line you can get hot water to your fixtures right away by using the internal pump or we can add a Navi Circ to your ensuite, kitchen, or furthest fixture so you can get hot water at that location right away.

Part Kits

As Navien Service Specialists we are provided with Navien parts kits with 90% of all the parts you’ll ever need for your Navien – so if anything breaks, we’ve got what you need on hand. If not, they air-freight it on a rush and it arrives in 1-2 days to minimize your down time.


The Navien Warranty is among the best in the industry. It is 2 year labour, 5 year parts and up to 15 year heat exchanger. Which means if anything is wrong within 2 years Navien will pay for the part and the labour to replace the part, and from 2-5 years the parts will be covered, and up to 15 years the heat exchanger will be covered.

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