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Dispatch Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Water Pipe Leak Repairs

A leaking pipe can become a costly, significant problem if left untreated. Dispatch Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning addresses and repairs leaking pipes in Langley, BC, and the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, our experienced team has offered a fast response, quality installation services, and the best materials. Our local, family-run business only provides the best in gas, plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning services. We’ll help you save thousands of dollars in water and mold damage repair from a leaky pipe. Contact us at the first sign of a leaking pipe to get started!

Leaking Pipe Repair Services in Maple Ridge & Langley, BC

Pipe Leak Repairs & Leaking Faucets

Dispatch Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning sends our fully qualified plumbers to repair and replace any type of plumbing, including toilet and automatic flushing systems. We offer multiple types of leak repairs and maintenance, including:

Signs of Leaking Faucets and Fixtures

A dripping faucet may indicate a more significant problem than a simple drip. The most common signs of leaking pipes include:

Faucet Drips

A constant drip from your faucet often indicates a nearby leak.

Water Puddles

Puddling water and rust at the base of your faucets point to dripping or leaky pipes.

Rotten Food Odor

A musty, rotten food smell often indicates a yucky leak.

High Water Bill

A sudden spike in your water bill points to a leak around your home.

Signs of Leaking Toilet

The most common signs of a leaking toilet include:

  • Uneven bathroom floor
  • Puddling water
  • Bubbling sounds
  • Smell of mold or sewer gas

Signs of Leaking Water Heater

The most common signs of a leaking water heater include:

  • Restricted supply of hot water
  • Raised floor near the base of the water heater
  • Strange sounds
  • Pooling water
Leaking Pipe Services in Maple Ridge & Langley, BC

Signs of Leaking Washing Machine Hose

The most common signs of a leaking washing machine include:

  • A musty smell
  • Pools of water
  • Cracked hoses
  • Loose hose connections

Causes of Leaky Pipes

Leaking pipes can quickly cause big problems. Leaks often go undetected for long periods, leading to costly repair bills. Knowing the common causes of leaking pipes is essential to help prevent future issues. The most common causes of leaking pipes include:

Old Pipes

Older pipes are made from corrosive materials that weaken and break down, resulting in leaks. We recommend upgrading to newer lines if possible that are made from copper or plastic.

Tree Roots

Intruding tree roots sometimes make their way into your pipes. You may notice a dip in water pressure due to intrusive tree roots.


Pressure sometimes builds up behind clogs, leading to cracking and breaking of the pipes. It’s essential to address any type of clog as soon as you notice it.

Temperature Fluctuations

Freezing temperatures often lead to the formation of cracks. Leaks and burst pipes are common when temperatures cause expanding and contracting of the pipes.

Water Pressure

Forceful water increases the risk of damaging your pipes. You may even notice burst pipes when your water pressure is too high.

Damaged Joints

Joints weaken over time, leading to problems with your pipes. The first sign of joint issues is often strange noises when water runs.

Damaged Seals

Rubber seals wear out over time. When the rubber seal is broken or damaged, water can get out.

How to Prevent a Leaking Pipe

The best way to avoid a leaky pipe is to prevent it before the leaking starts. Taking steps to help prevent leaking pipes can save you from costly repairs. The best ways to avoid leaking pipes include:

  • Tighten the Fittings – Inspect areas around your sinks and feel for any moisture. Tighten the fittings to help prevent future leaks and drips.
  • Measure the Pressure – The magical water pressure number is 60 PSI. If your water pressure exceeds 60, you may experience water hammers and leaks.
  • Seal the Joints – Tighten the joint and the gasket by removing the fitting, coating the interior threads with tape, and tightening it.
  • Insulate Pipes – Insulate the water lines in unheated areas of your home to help prevent damaged pipes. The most common places for insulation include the garage, basement, and underneath the sinks.

Why Dispatch Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

Dispatch Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to the safety of your home or business. You can always trust us to find the best solutions to your plumbing issues. Our team of technicians serves the areas of Abbotsford, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, and West Vancouver. When you see or smell signs of leaking pipes, reach out to us as soon as possible. Contact Dispatch Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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