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What is Poly-B Pipe?

Poly-B (polybutylene) (also known as ‘Poly-B Bad’) is plastic plumbing piping that was commonly used in homes built between 1978-1995 and has since been discontinued. Poly-B was popular for builders as it was much cheaper than copper piping, and it was installed in over 700,000 Canadian homes. It has a maximum life expectancy of 25 years but can fail much earlier than that.

pipes newly renovated

How to Tell if You Have Poly-B Piping

Poly-b piping is generally light grey in color with copper connections and elbows. Send us a photo to of your pipes underneath your sink, behind your toilet, or in your mechanical room and we can tell you if you have Poly-B piping.

pipes newly renovated

What Is the Problem With Poly-B Piping?

Poly-b piping was discontinued several years ago because over time the pipes began to burst and leak. Many insurance companies will not cover you at all if this piping fails, and it can bring down the value of your home if you are trying to sell. With poly-b piping, it’s not a matter of IF it will fail, it’s WHEN it will fail and you don’t want to wait until it happens.

My Home Has Poly-B Piping.
What Do I Do?

The safest thing that a homeowner can do is be proactive by having their system re-piped before pipes begin to leak and cause damage within the home. The cost of replacing poly-b piping will vary depending on the size of your home. Give us a call at 604-644-4343 or email us at to get a quote today!

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